Tuesday, 6 April 2010

Frozen Yogurt

After the tiresome and laborious days of the place labelled as a school, the holiday represents a time for relaxation and doing absolutely nothing, unfortunately my parents do not understand this key yet simple idea. So the marvellous invention known as a TV was turned off until six, the wii unplugged and anything relying on electricity was banned, and with the sun refusing to shine, finding a way to fill my time was definitely a chore. Somehow I survived by filling my time eating away at cakes and chocolate... Not the healthiest of ideas. So to say the least, my mum was relieved I was getting out of the house on Wednesday with my friends Olivia, Lucy and Ellie to Covent Gardens. After conveniently deciding to meet at my house as it was easiest to get to our destination from here, we wasted no time in getting our selves on the first bus to Hammersmith Station. After successfully managing to get on the right tube and land at Covent Gardens, the true challenge came. Climbing the stairs which where a better representation of Mount Everest. As we bravely set off determined in our minds, we soon began to feel the effects of this grueling climb, this was only after one flight. As we continued our ascent, people around us we dropping like flies, too weak to continue, how many more flights, would we ever see the light? Ten minutes later we saw a flicker of light breaking up the harsh grey surroundings, relief overcame us. We had made it. We instantly hit the shops with H&M, Zara, Mango, Urban Outfitters, an array of random little shops and then came the highlight of my day, when Lucy lead us into a vintage shop that I had never heard of, Rokit. My first impression was not one that positive but this was soon to change when I spotted the rack of Dungarees! After searching through them and trying to work out the peculiar sizing, I found a pair which caught my eye and the rest is history. I have not been able to take them off. After a delightful paella from Hola Paella and puddings from Snog, we decided to make a move. It was a delightful day and I am unbelievably happy with my buy! I will post pictures later!


  1. haha! Your description of our climb is EXACTLY what i felt like! :P very good day :)

  2. It was a very good day!
    The stair climb description made me laugh.
    I only wish I had tried the green tea snog!

  3. Lol!! Thank you! I reckon that green tea snog would of been DISGUSTING!!.... unless you love green tea? :s